Assert Resolution

Asset Resolution

Kashyap & Associates Private limited is a resolution agency managing non-performing asset portfolios of banks and financial institutions. With an aim to provide a structured platform to the banking sector to manage its mounting NPA stock and keep peace with international financial institutions, the securitization and reconstruction of financial assets and enforcement of security interest (SARFAESI) Act was put in place in the year 2002 to allow banks and FIs to take possession of securities and realize outstanding dues.

Kashyap & Associates has been providing advisory services to Banks and Financial Institutions since the inception of the SARFAESI Act in order to unlock the value in NPAs, be it residential, commercial or industrial. As part of its endeavors, Kashyap & Associates carries out effective strategies for recovery of bad loans, and in the process carries our Due Diligence of NPA accounts, enforcement of assets under law, arranging for sale of assets or eventual settlement to effect final recovery of advances on behalf of banks and financial Institutions.

Kashyap & Associates has in its teams, a great mix of professionals having rich and varied experience in banking, law and finance, to provide the service of asset resolutions. It is empaneled with almost 30 banks and financial institutions as well as several arcs, to act as resolution agent for resolving their NPAs. over the past decade Kashyap & Associates has been associated with the resolutions of more than 3000 cases with assets under recovery exceeding Rs. 1000 crores.

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