KMCL & Associates are providing Financial Services who is a SEBI registered Merchant Banker, offers its specialized services, capital market insights and business knowledge with the perspective of stakeholder value creation. KMCL & Associates assists companies in sourcing right equity capital resources from the markets. We provide guidance and advice in complying with legal requirements required in capital market transactions, arriving at an optimal value for the transaction, positioning our clients effectively in the market and marketing and representing them before investors.

Our investment banking team actively involves itself in the public issue syndication, issue management by acting at book runners and lead managers to issues, as well as advice and execute post issue formalities.

Our Capital Market Services team is equipped in executing transactions such as :-

Initial Public Offer(IPO)

Act at book running lead managers for companies and enable companies to raise capital from primary markets and list on the securities markets.

Follow on Public Offer

Act as book running lead managers for listed companies and enable them to raise equity capital from the capital markets.

Rights Issue

Provide advice and assist listed companies to bring out rights issues and help them raise resources from their existing investors/shareholders in the capital markets.

Pre IPO Placement

Addresses the need of companies entering the primary market to raise resources and commitments before the IPO and act as a syndicator to raise Pre-IPO resources

Qualified Institutional Placement

Assist companies raise equity resources from secondary markets through Qualified Institutions Buyers (QIBs)

Delisting of Securities

Act as a lead manager to companies to enable them to achieve the objective of buy back of equity capital as well as assist in delisting from stock exchanges

Open Offer and Takeover

KMCL & Associates Has a robust understanding of the takeover law in india and has assisted several companies and promoters in the process of takeover. It has acted as the lead manager to numerous open offers in india

Convertible Issuances

KMCL & Associates assists companies in raising convertible debt from capital markets in the form of FCCBs etc. and assist in listing of such securities.

American/Global Depository Receipts (ADR/GDR) and Alternate Investment Markets

Assist companies equity raise capital through the issuance of ADRs/GDRs as well as enable listing on foreign stock exchanges.

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